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In Home Care Services Providers Share Nail Care Tips for Seniors

Mar 2, 2017 by Leslie Knopp

Nail care is often overlooked by senior citizens. This is unfortunate because healthy nails prevent painful and uncomfortable problems such as ingrown toenails and nail infections. Unhealthy nails can also be the symptom of an underlying health condition. In home care services providers promote nail health to seniors by encouraging them to:

Keep Hands Clean

Prior to eating, going to sleep, or doing any activity, seniors should make sure their nails as well as the skin that surrounds them are free of dirt. To properly clean hands, older adults can apply soap to an old toothbrush and gently scrub their skin and nails to exfoliate dead skin while removing dirt. In home care services providers recommend that older adults stay away from harsh soaps and scrubs.

Trim Regularly

Just like seniors trim their hair regularly, they should trim their nails as well. Nail trimming should occur at least every two weeks until older adults figure out how fast they grow and whether or not they should trim them more or less often. An in home care services professional can assist them with this task.

Disinfect Tools

When tools are not cleaned, bacteria buildup can occur and cause infections rather than prevent them. Metal tools should be washed with a gentle soap and water and then wiped down with a bit of rubbing alcohol. Additionally, disposable tools such as emery boards should be replaced when they start to lose their effectiveness.

Choose Quality Nail Polish

Chances are high that senior women read labels before they invest in a skincare or makeup product. If elderly women choose to keep their nails painted, they should also read nail polish labels to ensure they are not buying a nail polish with toxic chemicals like toluene and dibutyl phthalate, as these chemicals can lead to cracks in the nails. In addition, women who like to get their nails done at the salon should be cautious of getting too many gel treatments because their drying device is unhealthy for nails.

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