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Advice From Home Care Agencies: How Seniors Can Save Money at Restaurants

Mar 9, 2017 by Leslie Knopp

Many older adults enjoy dining out. While going out to eat is often a great experience, it can be very costly, especially for seniors living on a fixed budget. Home care agencies encourage seniors to take advantage of certain tips in order to save money at restaurants and ensure they do not hinder their bank account when trying new places to eat. These money-saving tips include:

Splitting a Meal

Restaurants are known for their oversized portions. Therefore, older adults can save money by simply splitting a meal with a friend or family member. If they are still hungry after finishing their split meal, they can always order a side dish or appetizer to curb their hunger. Home care agencies explain that splitting a meal can also make it easier for seniors to be calorie-conscious and avoid overeating.

Skipping the Drinks

Alcohol, soft drinks, and specialty beverages can make a restaurant bill significantly more expensive. For this reason, seniors should skip the drinks and opt for water instead whenever possible. Water is one of the healthiest beverages available and will help seniors feel fuller faster.

Inquiring About Senior Discounts

There are many restaurants that offer senior discounts to customers who are 55 and older. However, these discounts are not always advertised, making it essential for older adults to inquire about them on their own. Even 10% or 15% off a bill can make a difference in a senior’s financial situation.

Searching for Coupons

Restaurant coupons are easy to come by. Home care agencies recommend that seniors clip restaurant coupons as they see them in newspaper or magazine ads. They can also find coupons and restaurant deals online that can be printed out and redeemed in person.

Saving Upscale Restaurants for Special Occasions

While it’s nice to enjoy filet mignon at a fine steakhouse, this type of meal should not be eaten on a regular basis. Trips to high-end restaurants should be reserved for special occasions as splurging on pricey restaurants too often can lead to financial challenges and stress.


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