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Home Health Care Companies Share Tips for Seniors Dealing with Grief

Mar 16, 2017 by Leslie Knopp

At some point in their lives, seniors will lose a spouse, family member, or friend. When this occurs, they must go through the difficult period of grieving the death of their loved one. Home health care companies understand just how hard it can be for older adults to lose someone close to them and encourage grieving seniors to follow these guidelines:


Spend Time With Loved Ones

It’s crucial for older adults to surround themselves with loved ones when someone who meant the world to them passes away. By spending time with those who genuinely care about them and will listen and validate their feelings, seniors will be in much better shape.


Enjoy Hobbies or Interests

Seniors should dedicate some time to enjoy their hobbies and interests. Home health care companies explain that by golfing, fishing, baking, knitting, or watching a favorite movie, older adults can lighten up their mood and take their mind off of the challenges they are going through.


Exercise and Eat Healthy

Grief can cause older adults to completely disregard exercise and healthy eating. Aides who work at home health care companies can make sure seniors take care of themselves during the grieving period by eating well-balanced, nutritious meals and engaging in regular physical activity.



While it may seem obvious, deep breathing can do wonders for a grieving senior’s body. When older adults are stressed, they tend to experience shallow breathing which lead to insufficient oxygen and adds more stress on the body. By making a conscious effort to take deep breaths, seniors will give their body the oxygen it needs for normal functioning while allowing themselves to relax.


Start a Journal

Starting a journal can give older adults the opportunity to reflect on what happened and how it has changed their lives. Journaling allows them to release any pent-up feelings and truly begin the healing process.


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