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In Home Care Tips: Breakfast Foods Seniors Should Avoid

Apr 20, 2017 by Leslie Knopp

Breakfast is an important meal that older adults should not overlook. It can give them the energy they need to enjoy a productive day and make it easier to prevent overeating. However, some breakfast foods can do more harm than good for seniors. In home care aides encourage senior citizens to stay away from these popular breakfast foods whenever possible:


Sugary Cereals

Many seniors believe that breakfast cereal is good for them. This may be true if they opt for whole grain cereal with minimal sugar. Cereal with a substantial amount of sugar is not good for older adults and should be swapped for cereals that are low in sugar and high in fiber. An in home care professional can help an older adult find these cereals at a local grocery store.


Waffles and Pancakes

Yes, waffles and pancakes are delicious but they are certainly not good for a senior’s health. They are often high in refined flour which can lead to obesity as well as insulin resistance. In addition, waffles and pancakes are usually topped with pancake syrup and whipped cream, making them even worse for a senior’s diet.



In home care professionals explain that some older adults opt for muffins because they believe they are a healthier alternative than cookies or cake. In reality, muffins are basically small cakes with eggs as the sole healthy ingredient. Some muffins are very large which makes it easy for seniors to overeat and increase the amount of calories they eat for breakfast.


Toaster Pastries

Toaster pastries are easy to make and taste absolutely delicious. Let’s face it, how could they be anything but tasty when they are full of brown sugar, white flour, and high fructose corn syrup? Although some may claim to be made with real fruit, they are far from nutritious.


An in home care professional can assist a senior in choosing healthy breakfast foods so their breakfast benefits their health rather than hurts it.


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