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Home Health Nurse Advice: Summer Safety Tips for Seniors

May 18, 2017 by Leslie Knopp

Many seniors look forward to the summer months so that they can enjoy the fresh air and make some great memories outside. However, the summer can be a very dangerous season for older adults if they fail to take the proper precautions. Home health nurse professionals encourage seniors to follow these summer safety tips:


Hydrate Often

Since senior citizens lose their ability conserve water as they get older, they are more prone to dehydration than younger individuals. Additionally, seniors are typically less aware of their thirst and find it challenging to adjust to temperature changes. Therefore, it’s essential for seniors to drink as much liquid as possible all season long.


Dress Properly

Home health nurse aides suggest that older adults go through their wardrobe and make sure they have appropriate clothing for the summer. By dressing in light colored and loose fitting cotton clothes, they will feel cooler and more comfortable. A hat as well as a pair of sunglasses to protect the eyes are imperative as well.


Wear Sunscreen

The importance of sunscreen should not be overlooked by senior citizens. Older adults should make it a priority to apply sunscreen to their face and body every day of the summer. Home health nurse professionals explain that even on cloudy days, UV rays can shine through, making sunscreen essential.


Be Cautious While Exercising

Although seniors are encouraged to work out and keep their bodies active during the summer, they should avoid exercising outdoors when the sun is at its peak. Waiting until the later evening or working out early in the morning is smart.


Invest in Air Conditioning

While air conditioning can get expensive for older adults living on a fixed budget, it’s a necessity during the summer months. Prior to the summer season, seniors should get their air conditioning system checked by a professional to ensure it is capable of performing at its optimal capacity.


Traverse City seniors should follow these tips to ensure a safe and enjoyable summer.

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