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Senior Caregiver Tips: Benefits of Breakfast for Seniors

Sep 7, 2017 by Leslie Knopp

Every morning when seniors wake up, they should make it a priority to eat a healthy breakfast. Whether it’s some yogurt and a granola bar or an egg sandwich with a side of fresh fruit, a well-balanced, nutritious breakfast can provide an older adult with a wide variety of benefits. Here are several of the many reasons your loved one’s senior caregiver can encourage older adults to eat breakfast on a regular basis:


Weight Loss

Contrary to popular belief, eating breakfast can help seniors lose weight. Older adults who eat breakfast are more likely to eat a smaller lunch and dinner and indulge in fewer snacks throughout the day. When seniors skip breakfast, they increase their chances of overeating during other meals and can gain weight as a result.


More Energy

By eating breakfast, seniors can fuel their body so they have enough energy to burn until it’s time for lunch. A senior caregiver can explain that their clients who do not eat breakfast are more tired and restless than those who do eat it.


A Stronger Immune System

Many older adults struggle with a weak immune system and catch illnesses often. In order to strengthen their immune system and prevent illnesses from hindering their life, seniors should eat breakfast. Breakfast can boost their body’s gamma-interferon which is a natural antiviral that boosts immune function.


Reduced Risk of Heart Disease

As mentioned, seniors who forgo breakfast tend to overeat during the rest of the day, gaining weight and increasing their cholesterol and blood pressure. Research has shown that older adults who eat breakfast are less likely to develop heart disease than those who skip it.


Your loved one’s senior caregiver can recommend that older adults eat breakfast when they wake up in the mornings so they can lose weight, enjoy more energy, strengthen their immune system, and reduce their risk of heart disease.


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