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Community Home Care Tips: Benefits of Tai Chi for Seniors

Dec 14, 2017 by Leslie Knopp

Tai Chi has been used for centuries to improve the health of a variety of individuals, including senior citizens. It consists of slow, relaxed movements and is a great low-impact exercise for older adults. Here are several of the many reasons community home care providers encourage their senior clients to try a tai-chi class.


Pain Relief

One of the greatest benefits of tai chi for seniors is its ability to provide them with pain relief. It is especially effective in relieving muscle pain, weakness, and stiffness and can make it easier for older adults to perform simple tasks like getting in and out of bed.


Reduced Blood Pressure

Studies have proven that tai chi can reduce blood pressure. Since it is similar to meditation, it can relieve stress and anxiety and reduce blood pressure as a result. Community home care aides explain that seniors who participate in tai chi on a regular basis are likely to notice a decrease in their blood pressure after a few weeks.

Improved Balance

Aging can hinder a senior’s balance and increase their risk of falling and injuring themselves. Tai chi movements can help them improve their balance by increasing the strength in muscles that they may not normally use.

Increased Energy

Studies have proven that tai chi can raise energy levels in older adults because of the increased oxygen supply that it causes from its combination of deep breathing and slow movements. Community home care professionals explain that seniors who take tai chi classes are typically more social, productive, and happier than those who do not.

Improved Sleep

Sadly, many seniors struggle with getting a good night’s sleep. Rather than treating insomnia and sleep issues with medications, older adults can naturally improve their sleep by practicing tai chi.

Pain relief, reduced blood pressure, improved balance, increased energy, and improved sleep are all several benefits of tai chi for senior citizens.


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