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Long Term Care Advice: Weight Loss Tips for Seniors

Dec 28, 2017 by Leslie Knopp

Maintaining a healthy weight is important for individuals of all ages, including older adults. If your senior loved one is having trouble doing so, there are many tips that long term care                     providers in Traverse City, MI recommend that can help them shed unwanted pounds and live a healthier life. Here are several weight loss tips for seniors:


Refrain From Purchasing Junk Food

It’s far easier to avoid eating junk food when it’s not in the house. Therefore, long term care aides suggest that seniors refrain from purchasing it in the first place. Instead of filling their shopping carts with cookies, cake, and potato chips, they should purchase plenty of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.


Exercise Regularly

Although it may seem obvious, regular exercise is one of the most effective ways for older adults to lose weight. Seniors who engage in physical activity for at least 30 minutes a day are more likely to lose weight than those who remain inactive. Long term care aides encourage seniors to switch up their exercise routine so they never get bored.


Control Portions

Seniors who would like to lose weight should control the size of their portions. Some of the best ways to control portion sizes is to avoid eating out often, choose smaller plates, and save half of a meal to eat at a later time.


Consult a Doctor

Older adults who are overweight or obese should consult their doctor and discuss the best weight loss strategies for their particular situation. A strategy that may work for one senior may be ineffective for another, making one on one conversations with a medical professional important.



One of the most overlooked ways to lose weight is to substitute unhealthy foods for healthier options. For example, if a senior is eating a baked potato, they should avoid smothering it in butter and sour cream and add a bit of Greek yogurt instead.


By refraining from junk food purchases, exercising regularly, controlling portions, consulting the doctor, and making smart substitutions, seniors can maintain a healthy weight and increase their chances of losing weight.

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