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Companion Care Advice: How Seniors Can Maintain Independence

Jan 11, 2018 by Leslie Knopp

One of the most difficult aspects of getting older is losing independence. Senior citizens hope to continue to be able to care for themselves and complete the tasks they were able to in their younger years.


Fortunately, there are several ways older adults in Traverse City, MI can maintain their independence and live a high quality of life in their golden years. Aides who provide companion care suggest these tips for seniors who would like to live an independent lifestyle:



Create a Senior Friendly Home Environment

Most homes were not created to support older adults. Therefore, seniors should consider modifying their homes to create a senior friendly environment that will reduce their risk of trips and falls and help them live more independently. Companion care professionals recommend raised toilet seats, hand rails, grab bars, non-slip mats, and kitchen appliances that are specifically designed for senior use.


Exercise and Eat Healthy

In order to become more independent, seniors must take care of themselves. The two best ways to do so is to adhere to a nutritious diet and to exercise at least three days a week. Sticking to green, leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, lean proteins, and whole grains and joining a gym or community center will help seniors keep themselves in good shape.


Companion Care

Opting for companion services is an excellent way for seniors to maintain their independence because these services allow them to continue living in the comfort of their own home. Aides who provide companion can assist your senior with a variety of personal care and companionship care tasks such as bathing, grooming, grocery shopping, meal preparation, medication reminders and errands.


Creating a senior friendly home environment, exercising and eating healthy, and opting for companion care are all three ways seniors can maintain their independence and enjoy the happy, fulfilling life they deserve.

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