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Caregiver Advice: Meal Prep Tips for Seniors

Mar 22, 2018 by Leslie Knopp

Meal preparation is the key to healthy eating. Older adults who do meal prep are less likely to consume fast food or processed foods from the grocery store. If your senior is interested in meal preparation and healthier eating, a caregiver can educate them on the following meal prep tips:


Dedicate a Certain Day of the Week for Meal Prep

Seniors who are serious about meal preparation should dedicate a certain day of the week for meal prep. A caregiver will likely recommend Sunday because it’s the closest to Monday and can keep a senior’s food fresh throughout the week. Older adults also tend to have more free time on Sundays than week days.


Invest in Quality Storage Containers

Older adults who would like to make meal prep a habit should invest in a variety of high quality storage containers. Plastic, stainless steel, and glass containers with locking lids are a worthwhile investment. Mason jars are also a good option for salads and soups.


Design a Plan

It’s a good idea for seniors to compile a list of their favorite healthy foods and select simple recipes that can be made in bulk. A caregiver can help your senior find simple, meal prep friendly recipes online.


Keep Leftover Ingredients for Snacks

It’s a good idea for seniors to keep leftover ingredients for snacks. For example, if there are leftover cucumbers slices, they can be placed in a container or plastic bag and eaten for a snack. This will help seniors resist the urge to buy bags of salty snacks and processed sweets.


Add Spices

A common misconception is that eating healthy means eating bland and boring foods. Older adults should experiment with various types of seasonings, vegetables, and proteins while meal prepping.


Dedicating a certain day of the week for meal prep, designing a plan, investing in quality storage containers, keeping leftover ingredients for snacks, and adding spices to meals can make meal preparation fun and easy for older adults in Traverse City, MI.


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