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Homecare Agency Advice: What to Do If Your Alzheimer’s Senior Wanders

Apr 5, 2018 by Leslie Knopp

The Alzheimer’s Association states that around 60% of individuals diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia will wander at some point. They may wander because they are bored, searching for someone or something, or get lost while they are walking.


Since senior wandering can be very dangerous and scary for caregivers, it’s essential that you take the steps necessary to reduce the risk of wandering for your senior with Alzheimer’s. Our homecare agency recommends these tips to keep your older loved one from wandering:


Take Advantage of Tracking Technologies

Fortunately, there are a variety of tracking technologies on the market that are designed to help caregivers keep wandering seniors safe. As a homecare agency, we like to recommend GPS bracelets, pendants, or tennis shoes. It’s important to note that these devices are only effective in areas with cell-phone coverage.


Implement a Routine

When a senior has structure in their life, they are less likely to wander. Therefore, you should implement a routine for them. An example of a good routine is wake up, take a bath, get dressed, have breakfast, listen to music, have lunch with a family member, go for a walk, eat dinner, and get ready for bed.


Prevent Boredom

As stated, boredom can give a senior a reason to wander. For this reason, you should keep your senior engaged as much as possible. Our homecare agency can help create a schedule full of activities that your senior will enjoy.


Hide Car Keys

Sometimes, older adults with Alzheimer’s may wander and find some car keys. To ensure that they do not get behind the wheel, you should make sure any car keys are out of their sight.


Avoid Crowds

Crowds can stress out a senior with Alzheimer’s disease and prompt them to wander. By helping your older loved one avoid crowds as much as possible, you can reduce their risk of wandering.


Taking advantage of tracking technologies, implementing a routine, preventing boredom, hiding car keys, and avoiding crowds can all help prevent a senior with Alzheimer’s from wandering in Traverse City, MI.

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