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Home Caregiver Advice: Home Safety Tips for Seniors

Aug 9, 2018 by Leslie Knopp

While home safety is important for everyone, it is particularly crucial for older adults. Seniors are more prone to accidents at home, making it important to ensure their home is safe for any physical and mental limitations they may have. A home caregiver can help your older loved one improve the safety in their home by suggesting the following tips:


Keep Emergency Numbers in a Safe Place

Older adults should be able to quickly get a hold of a list of emergency numbers in the event they hurt themselves, there is a fire, or another emergency takes place. A home caregiver can help your older loved one create an emergency contact list that include phone numbers to the police department, fire department, doctor’s office, poison control as well as the phone numbers of trustworthy friends, family members, and neighbors.


Fall Proof the Home

Believe it or not, six out of every 10 falls take place at home. Fortunately, there are a variety of ways you can fall proof your senior’s home and reduce their risk of slips, trips, and falls. Ensuring that there are rails installed on the side of the stairs, adding non-skid rugs, keeping clutter to a minimum, and installing adequate lighting can help.


Avoid Poisoning

Poisoning is widely seen in the homes of seniors. To prevent it, a home caregiver can help your older loved one make sure that all their medications are stored in the correct containers. They can also ensure that there is proper lighting, especially in the area where your senior take their medications. Installing carbon monoxide detectors is important as well.


Ensure Safety Essentials are Available

There are certain safety essentials that older adults should ensure are always available in their home. This way, they can be prepared in the event of an emergency or natural disaster. Some examples of these safety essentials include blankets, bottled water, dried fruit, flashlights, candles, matches, and first-aid supplies.


Keeping emergency numbers in a safe place, fall proofing a home, avoiding poisoning, and ensuring safety essentials are available are all important safety measures for seniors who would like to keep their homes in Traverse City, MI safe.

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