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Self Care for the Family Caregiver Series #9

Oct 11, 2018 by Toni Cone

Self-care: Practice Being

Practice being instead of doing. Sit down. Take a break. Breathe.

When we are constantly on the go our mind and body don’t get to rest. Humans are designed for periods of activity and periods of rest. When you are moving from one activity to the next – cleaning, showering, shopping, working, taking loved ones to appointments, coordinating and scheduling appointments and maintenance (sometimes for two homes) you live in a constant state of stress.

It’s hard, but sometimes you have to schedule yourself some downtime, even when you are a caregiver. Not time to get your personal errands done or to get your grocery shopping done, but time to do nothing more than read a book, go for a walk or stare at the clouds. Take care of yourself, so you have the energy to take care of everyone else.


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This is blog #9 in a multiple part series.

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