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Caring Senior Service Tips: Best Brain Boosting Supplements for Seniors

Nov 1, 2018 by Anonymous

Most seniors experience cognitive decline. However, this does not mean nothing can be done to improve their cognition. Aides who offer caring senior service suggest that older adults take certain supplements to boost their brain health. These supplements include:

Vitamin E
The antioxidants found in vitamin E destroy free radicals in the brain and prevent brain cell damage which may lead to dementia. Medical professionals suggest that seniors take about 15 mg of vitamin E each day.

Unfortunately, zinc deficiency is a common issue among the senior population. When seniors do not consume enough zinc, their brain neurotransmitters won’t be able to communicate properly with one another. Therefore, older adults who do not consume enough nuts, dairy products, and other foods that are loaded with zinc should consider zinc supplements.

Vitamin B1
Without the proper amount of vitamin B1, older adults may face Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and other serious cognitive health conditions. Professionals who provide caring senior service in Traverse City, MI explain that research has found that vitamin B1 supplements can boost brain health and reduce the risk of these conditions.

According to neurologists, calcium is one of the most essential minerals for optimal cognitive function. Calcium regulates cell transmissions and stimulates healthy brain cell production. Older adults who do not eat enough calcium rich foods should speak to their doctor about calcium supplements.

Without enough magnesium, a senior’s body may have a challenging time breaking down vital vitamins and minerals. Magnesium is responsible for turning various nutrients into their active forms in the digestive tract, making magnesium supplements a good option for seniors.

Vitamin E, zinc, vitamin B1, calcium, and magnesium are all examples of supplements that a caring senior service may recommend as they can improve a senior’s health and overall quality of life. Prior to taking any supplement, older adults must consult their doctors.

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